This is NOT a Police initiative but a lawful community service provided by expert, experienced, sensible, responsible caring kerbside residents

(Addresses for Emails/Letters to company executives are gleaned from the public domain or requested via online forms as required at the time)
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Community Roadwatch (UK) C.I.C (CRW)* is a not-for-profit Community Interest Company Limited by Guarantee
that provides accurate Speed Check Services (SCS), Lorry-Watch (LW) and Speed Awareness Sessions (SAS)
that are lawful, ethical, effective initiatives being run, at own cost, by unpaid Members or Residents without scarce Police asssitance in an attempt to primarily minimise the vehicular risks/dangers/nuisance of Accidents, Noise, Vibration and Pollution caused by speeding, especially speeding by HCVs and large vans and where, in the case of speeding,
'survival' becomes a realistic expectation in the event of an impact.

Additionally, by identifying the livery of speeding commercial vehicles, or where drivers are distracted by eating, drinking, reading, smoking, letters can be sent to the appropriate executives of these companies notifying them of such speeding/distraction events by their drivers at monitored locations.
We are also able to monitor noise levels (Decibels) and bring noisy HGVs to the owners' attention


See HERE for how Dash-cam irrefutable evidence HAS led to Prosecution + Jail for Dangerous Driving

and HERE to learn how poor eyesight can disqualify you On the Spot

Drivers YOU CAN KILL @ 30 mph | !! Smoking in Cabs Also KILLS !!

!! It takes but a moment to kill and be killed - Pedestrians watch out !!

Young girl killed when struck at 35 mph in Aug 19

The Cost of Road Accidents in 2016 according to the DfT
A Lucky Near Miss
(where we define Luck as the absence of coincidence)

Sound Advice on Speed Limits from the Police

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Last updated | 1 Jan 19 with sad News if 18 y/o Death | 15 Dec with New Mission Statement | 24 Oct 2018 with GDPR Statement

*wef 25 March 2016 - Community Interest Company No: 10085683 Registered Office: 2a Chequers Court, Huntingdon, Cambs