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101 mph in a 40 zone South then 54 mph North behind a tractor then 83 mph South and 84 mph North;
as measured by a calibrated Bushnell Radar Device (See How Here?), in Ramsey St Marys on 25 Oct 2018. Unbelievably, the Police could not see that this was Dangerous Driving or Anti-Social use of a Vehicle under Section 59 of the Police Reform Act 2002; instead they referred the resident to Speedwatch (whose uncalibrated kit is capped at 60 mph and would not even have been triggered by this one at 101 mph). However, this abdication with an INCORRECT statement that 'prosecutions for speeding cannot be made unless supported by a Home Office Approved Speed Measuring Device' managed to deflect the Press inquiry ..... BUT what about the DANGER to the Community.
Community? What's that? I hear officaldom ask?
Read on to see the 'forgotten' children who use this road with no footpaths to keep them safe
!! Ramsey Town Council please note - speeding and no footpath - before spending vital funds on new 40 signs !! - Daily Mail - Cambridge News ITV Anglia News

Entering Warboys

Another Angle - same rider

Above - 62mph in a 30 limit on 7 Aug 16 @ 1138 in Fenton Rd, Warboys
Above - 86 mph in a 30 residential zone at 1200 hrs on Sunday 19 June 16
Watch the .mp4 Video Here
Download the video as a Zip file Here (Right Mouse and save Target as)
Above - 77 in a 40 on the approach to where children cross the road and have to walk on the road - no pavement
Don't believe me ? ... read on!!