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The CRW RFF Traffic Calming 7-Feature Project Explained

The Board of CRW has been awarded £20k to fund Traffic Calming Measures in Ramsey Forty Foot. The funding came from Grantscape Ramsey Windfarm Fund (£10k) and the County Council LHI 2017 (£10k)

The Project was the brainchild of Ramsey Town Cllrs Peter Reeve MBE and Lisa Duffy who sought the support of CRW's professional corporate objectives, capabilities and project management skills to bring the Project to fruition.

The Board has worked closely with the Cambs County Council's Highways Project Officers, Mark MacDonald, Scott Parsons and Alex Harper, to find the best ethical EFFECTIVE solution for the village within the limited budget generated. Latterly, Ramsey Town Council fully supported the Project on 8 June to allow it to proceed.

Additionally, the Town Council is being approached to fund the extra measures in the North of the village
requested by some residents as a separate Part 2 extension to the Project estimated to cost £3-£5k.

The Board's proposed £20.2k, 7-Feature Project concerns only Ramsey Road (South)
and is as follows (heading into RFF from Ramsey town):

Item # Feature Explained
1. The Project actually starts just at the bend with a standard 40 buffer zone
2. The existing 30 zone with Dragon’s teeth and red band with 30 in white will then be moved south to start just before the garage entrance to make that safer and ...
3. If the budget permits, a set of white Gates to match the ones in Mereside will be positioned at the 30 limit but only at the Southern end of the village.
4. Just after the Garage entrance, and in the new extended 30 zone and in an attempt to protect pedestrians on the single footpath from speeding inbound vehicles some at seriously high speeds, CRW proposes to install a full, solar-panel lit build out to make inbound traffic give way to outbound vehicles. This feature, has been thoughtfully placed in a location where pollution and noise to dwellings caused by stopped vehicles will not be as much a problem were it to have been placed further into the village, something the Board was keen to avoid to meet its own ethical minimum noise/pollution principles and take into account the opinions of the residents during the Board's Consultation in March 17.
5. From the start of the new (moved) 30 limit right up to the start of the S-bend CRW proposes to remove the centreline line and instead paint continuous white side lines to make the road look narrower so drivers (as proven) will observe greater caution. The centre lines in the rest of the village will not be touched
6. Also along this stretch will be located up to 4 Ghost features, either narrowings or tables.
7. The village will also be provided with a Bluetooth battery-powered mini-SID and 3 additional brackets to move about between up to 4 CCC-pre-approved locations @ 4 weeks at a time, for the education of drivers and also to gather 24/7 traffic volume/speeding data that can be of use to Speedwatch/ Police enforcement teams. Moves are afoot to authorise Westcotec SIDs for use by Speedwatch to save buying a special to type electronically-identical lighter item just for Speedwatch and thereby getting getting better value for money for the village.