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CRW Ramsey Forty Foot
Traffic Calming Project
(Updated 5 Jan 18)

LATEST @ 31 March 2018

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Work on the project started with white-lining on 27 Nov 17
Unfortunately, the new village signs were not ready in time for that date so
the sign-dependant remainder of the project (including the TRO and buildout
and the white gates) is now expected to be delivered by the CCC w/c 15 Jan
and is anticipated to take just one week (weather permitting).
The SID will be installed as soon after completion as
proper trained and equipped support for it has been arranged.

Project History

On 8 June 2017 Ramsey Town Council fully supported the Project
So with that vote of confidence, and the Wind Fram confirming all conditions it set have been met
the £20k Project will now proceed to fruition subject to approval by the village,

On 20 June 17 CRW held A 'Lively' and 'Challenging' Public Meeting in RFF Village Hall
to Present the details of the CRW/CCC Proposal to the 60+ Residents who attended

At 2130 hrs , 'The Proposal as presented' was approved by those present with 2 against because
only the South part of Ramsey Rd had been catered for because factually that's where the
majority of any serious persistent levels of speeding has taken place since records began
with Speedwatch in 2012 and re-confirmed by CRW sessions in 2016/17.

However, as every villager's opinion is valid to CRW, along with the County Highways Project Officer,
re-evaluated the North as a Part 2 to the scheme to see if some funding for Ghost buildouts
can be justified and installed outside the Village Hall and outside the Pub and also if a 40 buffer zone
is practical and justified at the N-end of the village (so it can be included in the Proposal TRO)
and if a set of gates could be located there too if purchased by other funding.
(Latest: No funding for Northern Gates).

See Here for the Additional Part 2- as yet unfunded(£3-5k) - Proposal for
the Northern Part of the Village - Town Council was to have decided on funding initially on 10 Aug 17
(as recommended by it's Finance Cttee meeting on 27 July), but this has now slipped again to 14 Sep17.

Because on 27 July, the Town Finance sub-committee did not have the latest estimates
available from the new CCC Contractor, and could not work out what funding was needed by CRW,
on 1 Aug CRW held a meeting in RFF Village Hall with the CCC Project Officer
and leading Village and Town representatives to clarify those points that the Town Finance Committee
had been unable to understand from CRW's pre-meeting-submitted paper.
Also, the addition of additional unfunded measures in the North of the village created confusion
on estimated costs and who would pay for them. See Meeting Notes HERE
With clarification, it was decided to put that to the Town Finance Committee on 24 Aug 17
for approval by the Town Council on 14th September 17
Thanks to the use of CRW's Mick George-sponsored SID,
the need and effectiveness of such a device had been proven (supported by a Dorset County Council Evaluation)
and included as a 'Must Have' in the Project. The SID has been obtained at a cost of £3750
To be able to now afford to pay for the full Scheme (North and South) , CRW needed to sell the SID
to the Town Council to own and use around the area
- and not always in RFF as an itegral part of the southern traffic control mechanism (as envisaged).

The Town SID cannot be used in RFF until a support team has been formed and trained by CRW and equipped
with the wherewithall (step-ladder, hi-vis tabards, locks) to safely move the SID and change the battery
every 10 days or so. CRW will train the team on notification from the Village Association Chair.

Final Diagrams
HERE -Subject to Public Consultation that ends on 20th Oct 17
(Ask for a full set of draft drawings)

Work started 26 November 17

All communications/observations to