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Why NOT the B3081 or C13?

Cann Common

Going to Court over Melbury Abbas | Here too by BBC
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The Threat To the C13 - Dinah's Hollow Explained

14 April 2017 - Scraping By

!! You won't believe this !!

C13 - Melbury Asses - Sep 2020 - Click on photo to see full video

Christmas 2018 - a High Flyer who Hedged his Bets

This Tuesday (15 November) a tall recycling waste lorry (see first photo) hit a power cable in Melbury Abbas and brought it down. The cable hit the windscreen of the car behind, in which was a mother and child. The cable bounced and landed on the cab of a following lorry. So the lorry that hit the cable went on his way as did the car (the car driver was actually directing traffic for awhile), leaving the other lorry waiting the electricity board team, who arrived to sort it all out (second photo). Damage was also sustained to Stone Cottage where the line was connected to.

Another Blockage 12 Aug 16
Even Cars need to Beware on this very narrow road - Accident 9 Aug 16
Driver drove into the hedge at the bottom of Dinah’s Hollow on the 23rd of July at 2344
Melbury Abbas - Two arctics stop traffic until one moves over to West Lane to let the other pass
(28 June @ 1300)
Melbury Abbas - Two aggregate lorries face off and block the road for 10 minutes to see who will back down first
(1st of July at 1200)
9 June 16 - A Coach stuck at south end of Melbury Abbas on the C13
Another blockage on the C13 on 9 June 16 - and still they come like Lemmings and adding vital hours to their journeys. The C13 is not an HGV shortcut- it is a liability - how much proof do these people need?!
(Above) A Lorry caused a 30 minute complete backup by getting stuck in Melbury Abbas on the C13 on the 2nd of June. Traffic was completely halted and residents had to direct it backwards! It backed down to West Lane to finally clear the road. You can see how narrow the road is through the village from the photo
This part of The Hollow (C13) is a 20 zone and very narrow in places where Massive lorries often get stuck for hours
C13 - The Hollow is a narrow winding 20 mph road that is too narrow for large lorries and some large vans too
Lorry and Trailer is Obviously on an inappropriate road at Ziz Zag Hill on B3081 and in a 30 zone
Crash on the B3081